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Midterm Take Home Test Question: Discuss O 2 transport and utilization during an acute bout of submaximal aerobic exercise and the physiological adaptations which occur to these processes after chronic aerobic endurance exercise training. Make sure to incorporate into your discussion of this topic the following components: historical perspective, bioenergetics, metabolism, skeletal muscle, cardiovascular system, and pulmonary system. Format: Font : Times New Roman, Font Size : 12, Line Spacing : Single, Margins : 1 inch, Paragraph : Left justified, Page Limit
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Unformatted text preview: : 2. Due: Emailed to as Microsoft Word attachment on 3/4/10 by 2:45pm. Grading: This exam will comprise 30% of your course grade. It will be evaluated on content, clarity of thought, conciseness, spelling, and grammar. Written content should be derived from both your lecture notes and assigned readings. Excessive (>10) grammatical or spelling errors will result in a grade of F (15 percentage points) regardless of content. Students that plagiarize or turn in similar exams will receive a grade of F (0 percentage points)....
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