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Grant Assignment #2 – Introduction/ Specific Aim and Hypothesis The purpose of this assignment is to develop a focused research question from your grant assignment #1 topic area. The assignment should be emailed to me as a word document ( [email protected] ) prior to class on 2-18-09 with your name and email address on the top of the of the page. No late assignments will be accepted. This assignment will be worth 3% of your overall course grade. Introduction The introduction of the grant provides the writer the opportunity to broadly introduce the topic of the grant to the reviewer. The key to writing a good introduction is developing a “story” that demonstrates that the findings from your research will be both significant and novel. At the end of the introduction the reviewer of the grant should be able to know what the specific aims and hypotheses are before reading them. The key to achieving this is to introduce the significance of the topic in the first couple of sentences (i.e. give some statistics on the topic of interest.)
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