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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 27 Pregnancy Pregnancy Tuesday 4­20­10 Announcements – – – – – Outline Outline SCI reading for 4/27/10 is on blackboard. No Class 4/29/10 Grant Assignment #5 due 4/29/10 emailed to me prior to class. No class 4/29/10 Review Session 5/4, 7pm­9pm, Civil 2102 Lecture Class trip to Lilly – Pregnancy Guidelines for Exercise During Pregnancy Vague Vague Previous – Heart rate should not exceed 140bpm Current Current – 30 min/day @ moderate intensity Initiating exercise during pregnancy – Walking – Swimming Swimming – Stationary cycling – Low impact and water aerobics Continuing exercise during pregnancy – Running Running – Weight training Women obtaining the AGOG recommended 30 minutes of exercise (Borodulin et al. 2008) exercise Self report – Mid pregnancy – 13% – Late pregnancy – 11% – Mid pregnancy – 3% – Late pregnancy – 3% Measured Concerns with Exercising During Pregnancy During Increased temperature Carbohydrate utilization Trauma or premature delivery due to excessive jarring Increased Relaxin release leads to joint laxity increases during 2nd trimester Concerns Unwarranted Concerns Data suggests no change in rates of – Abortion – Malformations – Growth – Premature labor Preeclampsia Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy Pregnancy Gestational Diabetes – Hypertension induced during pregnancy (3­7% of women) – Exercise 20 weeks = 35­45% risk reduction. – Form of diabetes induced that develops during pregnancy (17% of obese women) – Exercise 20 weeks = 48% risk reduction. – Water exercise during 2nd half of pregnancy resulted in significant decrease in back pain. Low back pain Decreased weight gain Benefits of Maternal Exercise on Offspring on Preliminary data suggests – Normal Apgar scores – Advanced neurodevelopment – Increased academic performance – Increased sport performance – Birth weights ↑ = ↓ – Intima Media Thickness ↓ How is maternal exercise having an impact on outcomes in offspring? in Fetal programming / Barker Hypothesis/ Epigenetics – Suggests that maternal environment can have an impact on the genes of offspring through DNA methylation and histone modification. – Leads to a modification in gene expression. 30% Caloric Restriction Example Vickers et al. 2003 Protein Restriction Diet in ApoE3 mice ApoE3 Yates et al. 2009 Could a sedentary lifestyle be having similar effects as caloric restriction? caloric Current experimental design Current ...
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