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Grant Assignment #4 – Methods The purpose of this assignment is to briefly summarize the experimental design of your investigation. The assignment should be emailed to me as a word document ( [email protected] ) prior to class (1:30pm) on 4-8-10 with your name and email address on the title page. . No late assignments will be accepted. This assignment will be worth 3% of your overall course grade. Methods The methods section of the grant is the most critical component of any grant application. The number one reason for grants not getting funded is because of a flawed methodological approach. Therefore, it is critical to convey to the reviewers of the grant that the experimental design and measurements are appropriate for testing your hypotheses. The methods section of the grant is typically comprised of 3 sections (subjects, protocol and measurement). The subjects section of the grant describes the type and number of subjects that will be participate in the investigation. The protocol
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