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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 22 Atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis Tuesday 4­6­10 Announcements Outline Outline – Proof of completion of online course evaluation. Due 5­7­10. – Proof of attending a Purdue Sporting event (ticket stub and picture) plus ½ page summary of applying concept learned in HK368 to what you observed. Due 5­7­10. – Ultrasound practice subject. Contact: [email protected] Monday and Friday – 8:30am to 12:30pm Tuesday and Thursday – 9:30am Wednesday – 8:30am to 11:30am Grant Assignment 4 (methods) Quiz – Due 4­8­10 – Seminar – April 14th, 3:30pm, Armstrong 1109 Video – Hidden Epidemic How often in United States does a cardiac event occur? does How often does a person die in the United States of a cardiac event? event? Disease of the heart and blood vessels accounts for how many deaths in United States? deaths Is there any cure for any form of heart disease? of What town in the United States was chosen to study heart disease? disease? What year did the Framingham Study begin? Framingham What was the treatment for a heart attack post World War II? In the post World War II era how was lifestyle changed in regards to exercise? to What is the “great antidote” to exercise? exercise? What happened to the American diet post World War II? diet What happened to smoking habits post World War II? habits What were the first 3 risk factors the Framingham study linked to heart disease heart The first symptom of heart disease in the majority of individuals is_________? individuals The Framingham study was the first study to show that lowering blood pressure did what? blood How many women die of heart disease in the United States a year? year? What is the number one killer of women in the United States of How many times more likely is an American women to die of heart disease than breast cancer? disease How many years post menopause does it take for women to have similar rates of heart disease than men? heart Do men and women have similar signs of heart disease? similar What percent of individuals in the United States are aware of their risk factors? risk What does too much LDL cholesterol lead to? What year did statins first come available? come Which risk factor plays the most significant role in heart disease? significant How many operations for heart disease are performed in the United States each year? United How many individuals have a repeat heart attack a year? repeat What limits the success of hart transplants? transplants? What was the gold standard procedure for detecting atherosclerosis? atherosclerosis? What new technology is used to detect atherosclerosis? to What role do white blood cells play in atherosclerotic process? What happens when plaque becomes unstable? becomes What percent of heart attacks come from ruptured plaques come What is the way to measure inflammation inflammation What decreases CRP? What ...
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