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Grant Assignment #1 – Topic and Bibliography The purpose of this assignment is to select a research topic in the area of exercise physiology that you wish to write a grant and begin acquiring research articles that will help you in your grant preparation. The assignment is due 1-28-10 at the beginning of class. No late assignments will be accepted. This assignment will be worth 3% of your overall course grade. Topic Writing a grant can be a very challenging process for even the most experience professors. Therefore, it is important to select a topic that you are interested and have experience. It is unreasonable for me to think that you have any experience with a specific research area at this point in your education. Therefore, my best advice would be to focus on a topic that interests you. Bibliography You will be required to provide a bibliography that is comprised of 10 peer reviewed journal articles on your research topic. Book chapters and internet websites are not
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Unformatted text preview: acceptable reference sources for this assignment. References can be searched for and obtained from PubMed ( ) by entering key words into the search box and clicking on Go. You will need to browse through abstracts to select articles that pertain to your research topic. Bibliographies should follow the format below: 1) Newcomer, S.C., Taylor, J.C., McAllister, R.M and Laughlin, M.H. Effects of Chronic Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibition on Endothelium-Dependent and -Independent Relaxation in Swine Forelimb and Hindlimb Vasculatures. Endothelium . Jan-Apr; 15(1-2):17-31, 2008. 2) Newcomer, S.C., Sauder, C.L., Kuipers, N.T., Laughlin, M.H. and Ray, C.A. Effects of posture on shear rates in human brachial and superficial femoral arteries. American Journal of Physiology (Heart and Circulatory Physiology) . Apr; 294(4): H1833-9, 2008. Attached to your bibliography should be the abstracts from each citation!!!!!!!!...
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