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Abnormal Psychology (PSY 350) – Mark Glafke Final Paper Guidelines Spring 2010 Length : 5 to 7 pages Grading : 60 points (@ 10% of your overall grade). Due Date : Friday, April 30 th (End of Dead Week) Task : This paper will provide each of you with an opportunity to act as a clinician for a fictional case example portrayed in film. The focus of the paper will be to diagnosis a character from a film that portrays a psychological disorder (or multiple disorders) and to develop a treatment plan for that character, or “patient.” You are to assign the character a Multiaxial Diagnosis, provide support/rationale for the information you include on each Axis of the diagnosis, and then describe an appropriate method of intervention to help the character in question to improve his or her functioning. Please do not give a summary of the movie from which you have selected a character to diagnose and establish a treatment plan. You will have to provide some details, but try to just provide a general summary of the key issues that represent the primary presenting problem(s) for which the character would need treatment. Each paper should include the following:
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Final%20Paper%20Guidelines - Abnormal Psychology (PSY 350)...

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