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Republic Book 4: 1. How can this be an ideal city, if the guardians are unhappy? Preliminary answer: well-being of the whole takes precedence over well-being of the part The city is ideal, because it is unified o not corrupted by wealth or poverty o profession fighters much better then larger armies o can easily make alliances with others, since not interested in material gain o city will not grow too large 2. Virtues of the city Wisdom Courage Moderation o Sophrosune-- temperance, self-control o All agreeing who should rule; classes working together in harmony Justice (each part doing what it is designed to do) in the person defined-- internally, not externally
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Unformatted text preview: (119) • Justice: 3 different parts to the soul o 1. rational- reason o 2. spirited- source of fear, courage o 3. appetites- desire (for food, sex, etc.) • Each correspond to the different tiers of society (ex. rational-guardians, appetites-craftsmen) • Justice is internal, control their spirit and appetite with ration/reason. • Those ruled by reason are just. • morality is a healthy soul, like health of the body all parts work equally 3. Why justice is more profitable then injustice: analogy with health (121)...
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