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Republic Book 5: 1. First wave: equality of women watchdog analogy-- but don't men and women have different natures? differences not relevant (128) natural superiority of male in everything (129) summary position (141) 2. Second Wave: sex and marriage [wives and children in common] women, like men, strip to exercise, live together-- but promiscuity isn't good. the marriage lottery [rigged] children raised apart fro natural parents-- don't know the parents, and parents don't know their children o all children born at the time of your actual children are your children; all are considered brothers and sisters o point of proposal: unity After passing prime (40 for women, 55 for men), men and women can have whatever sex they want-- but no children (135)
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Unformatted text preview: with the stress of worrying about money and worrying about one's own children removed-- guardians will indeed be happy. 3. Digression on warfare • women will fight with men; older children will be exposed to battle from distance • one who distinguishes himself (herself) on a campaign can kiss anyone he/she wants-- and will later have more children • Greeks v. barbarians o Greeks not to enslave Greeks, nor destroy their houses-- only burn one year's harvest o war v. civil war-- against barbarians anything goes 4. Third Wave: Transition • even if impossible to there, ideal is important • one can get there, but only if philosophers become kings or kings become philosophers (148) 5. What is a philosopher? • many corrupt "arguers" at the time...
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