test questions - d. only scientists can do real science 6....

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Question Examples  Biology of Sex 1. In scientific vernacular, a Law is __________ in that it predicts what will happen in a situation when the range of possible conditions is limited. a. prescriptive b. inactive c. descriptive d. attractive 2. Quality of a hypothesis can be judged by a. how many people accept it b. how robust it is to new data c. scientists only d. internet polls 3. According to Strong et al. what is the most pervasive and influential medium affecting our view on sexuality? a. pornography b. television c. movies
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Question Examples  Biology of Sex 4. What is the implicit message of media references to masturbation? a. it’s fun and should be practiced by everyone b. it’s ok for females but not males c. it’s performed only by adolescents and is therefore immature d. it’s a good substitute for sex 5. A commonly accepted demarcation between science and non-science is a. falsifiability b. science deals with truth c. statistics
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Unformatted text preview: d. only scientists can do real science 6. The definition of evolutionary relationship is based on a. convergence b. the great chain of being c. how many genes are shared between species d. common ancestry Question Examples Biology of Sex 7. Normal sexual behavior can be defined as a. behavior that is moral and ethical b. behavior that occurs in nature c. behavior that conforms to a group’s average behavior d. behavior that does not include psychological deviance 8. 9. The evolution of sex is a. now fully completed b. still not fully understood c. due to radiation from the decay of radioactive materials in the earth’s core d. probably correlated with the extinction of asexual animals 10. Sexual selection can result in a. choosing whom you want to have sex with b. exaggerated anatomical parts like peacock tail feathers c. STD’s d. women preferring non-aggressive men...
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test questions - d. only scientists can do real science 6....

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