TWO - Jamie Goode T. Hetzel English 130 February 17, 2011...

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Jamie Goode T. Hetzel English 130 February 17, 2011 [email protected] “Happiness only really when shared…” There has only been one time in my life that I was truly alone. In most people’s lives, they are never given an opportunity to be isolated from the rest of the world. For me, I was given the opportunity to be alone for twenty-four hours. No comforts of home, not a television, air conditioner, telephone or even a running water. In my family, we often joke about being stranded on a desert island and what would we take and who we would want to be stranded alone with. A few summers ago, I had the unique experience of completing a solo, on my own little piece of wilderness for an entire day as part of my summer camp experience. I had an opportunity to participate in a four week camping wilderness adventure at Agree Outpost Camp through Tamarack Camps. I boarded an old green school bus with 37 campers and 13 staff members and headed north for the Canadian border. Our final destination would be Wawa, Ontario. I really did not know anyone as I embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. I gave up my comfortable bed, friends and modern technology for a camp with no electricity, no running water and no way to keep track of time. Prior to signing up for this camp experience I had been very happy spending my summers at Camp Sea-Gull. My camp on Lake Charlevoix is approximately four hours away from my second home in northern Michigan. It was a summer camp, but it did have running water, electricity and friendships that I have cultivated for over seven 1
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years. I grew up at this camp and I was very content, not expecting to ever say goodbye to the friends that I had made and to the camp that I had once called home. My parents offered me an opportunity to have an unforgettable summer. I could still go to Sea-Gull for four weeks, but I would come home on a Saturday, unpack, do my laundry, repack for Agree and leave the next day. How could I turn this down? I thought two great experiences in one amazing summer. What could be better? This sounded great in September when I signed up for the following summer, but as June came around I could not believe I agreed to this. Why would anyone want to leave their best friends and a great camp in a beautiful setting for the unknown? I had a rush of emotions as I waved good bye to my friends at camp. I remember looking out the rearview window as the “Welcome to Camp Sea-Gull” sign got smaller and smaller. My friends were staying at camp and I was no longer an integral part of G-8, the cabin I had been living in for the month before. My cabin would be creating memories without me for the first time. Even before I left, girls vying for my bunk and shelves that I had occupied. I was in tears. On the four hour drive home from Charlevoix, I spent most of the drive reflecting
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TWO - Jamie Goode T. Hetzel English 130 February 17, 2011...

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