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LHSP 130 Essay 2: Memoir Building on what you have learned from the personal essay, write a 10-12 page memoir examining a slice of your life. Why do we vividly remember some moments and not others? What memories stay with us and why won’t they let us go, or why do they continue to intrigue us, or give us hope, or a sense that somehow we have been transformed or marked. Develop one of the prompts that you began in your notebook during our in-class writing: What makes a hometown or a home? Who is in your family tree? Tell us her/his/their story and how it connects to you. What dream(s) do you remember? How did it impact your waking life? When have you been lost? What is something that at first you misunderstood, but now see differently? Or start with one memory from the list generated in class last week. Look to our readings as models. Like David Sedaris in “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” you may want to write about a monstrous teacher, or you may decide to write a homage to your family like Lorna Goodison’s “From Harvey River.” When you are considering
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