essay two - Jamie Goode T. Hetzel English 130 February 17,...

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Jamie Goode T. Hetzel English 130 February 17, 2011 Essay Two- draft This was the first time in my life that I have felt truly alone. In most people’s lives, they are never given an opportunity to be isolated from the rest of the world. We joke about being stranded on a desert island but actually placing yourself in the middle of nowhere is not something that one is given the option to do everyday. When presented with the opportunity to be given this small piece of solitude of took this chance without thinking twice. I made a life changing decision to spend my summer in the middle of nowhere with 43 other campers and 19 staff members to be given the chance that most people would have waited a lifetime for. To be given the chance to not only spend one twenty-four hour period on my own personal desert island in the middle of Wawa, Ontario, but also to spend the rest of my four weeks at the end of that summer in the middle of the wilderness with nothing but what was absolutely necessary. This was an opportunity that might not have sounded appealing to most people but after living a busy life full of commotion and constant communication with others, to be given a chance to be on your own, with no other distractions for one full day was something that I could not give up. This one day was the reason I had to go to Agree, but the idea of living in the wilderness for four weeks without electricity and living with a group of people I had never met before sounded like an opportunity I could not turn down. 1
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At first, this opportunity didn’t seem worth spending my whole summer at a new place. Spending my first summer away from my second home on lake Charlevoix. But after spending the first half of my summer where I felt comfortable and at home, I decided to make the chance and start over with a new set of friends and essentially a new home in Wawa, Canada. The time had finally come and the long anticipated summer had finally arrived. Waiting in the parking lot, I watched the unfamiliar faces arriving with the parents close by their sides; I contemplated my decision to come to Tamarack and why I had made this change. I remember thinking, would this be my last year at Tamarack Camps? Would I go back to Camp Sea-gull or would this be my new home? So many questions ran though my head as I watch the other campers unloading from their cars and heading for the green school bus. Sitting behind the passenger seat of my fathers car, I watched out of the window as the dads carried the overstuffed duffle bags to the trailer attached to the back of the second bus. And I watched as the moms squeezed their children for the last time before that got onto the buses. Finally, leaving the comfort of my parent’s car, I followed them as we walked towards the front of the first bus walking toward the unknown. Coming to the front doors, we had our heartfelt goodbyes and I made my way onto the bus. Taking a seat on the left hand side of the bus so I could see my mom and
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essay two - Jamie Goode T. Hetzel English 130 February 17,...

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