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Jamie Goode T. Hetzel English 130 January 27, 2011 [email protected] The Michigan Difference Trudging across central campus with my once white now almost purple, frost bitten fingertips shoved deep into the pockets of my North Face winter jacket, I thought about why I had chosen to attend the University of Michigan. I had other options of schools to attend. While sending out college applications I had every intention of getting away. I had been accepted to a few different schools and even went so far as to have a roommate and a dorm room at the University of Arizona, in a much warmer climate and in an entirely different time zone. After high school, I wanted to start over, have a clean break. I wanted to be a new person and go to a school where no one knew me and I didn’t know them. I wanted to be unique, rather than just be another number blending into the crowd. But instead I did the exact opposite. I came to The University of Michigan; the school just forty minutes away from my house. I came with 83 other graduating classmates from my high school and all of my closest friends who all had the same hopes as I did of fulfilling their childhood dreams of coming to the school they had always wanted to go to. As I left my dorm room earlier this morning I zipped my long, down North Face coat. I remember thinking that it felt like I was putting on a uniform among college girls. We all look alike in our black, puffy coats. When I zipped my coat, I lost my individuality and I became one of the masses. I was pleased to have this coat as a blast of 1
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cold air hit my face as I opened the front door of Alice Lloyd and started my walk towards the bridge to central campus. As I made what felt like the never ending journey from my cozy bed to a study table in the Hatcher Graduate Library, I thought about what it would have been like to not have to make this terrible walk in negative degree wind-chill weather everyday to go study in the library across campus. How different my college experience would have been like if I had chosen to go to one of the other schools on a different campus in a different state. As I entered the Diag and began to approach the great white cement steps of the Graduate Library covered with the freshly fallen morning snow, I was reminded of why I choose this wonderful establishment. Somehow, as soon as I reached the small square located in the center of campus I felt as if I had made the right decision. The Diag evokes a sense of belonging. The University buildings insulate the Diag from the streets that encase it. People can walk aimlessly without having to pay attention to cars or buses on dirty snow covered streets behind the tall towering buildings. There are no concerns about traffic. It is an opportunity for children to run around without their parents having to keep them at their side for fear of them running into the street. The Diag evokes a feeling of safety and
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essay one - Jamie Goode T Hetzel English 130...

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