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\Jamie Goode T. Hetzel English 130 January 27, 2011 Personal Essay Becoming one of the thousands of college students at the University of Michigan has been dream of mine ever since I could remember. My family and I used to come Ann Arbor for sporting events, to go shopping, to visit one of the old building that have been here since by grandparents was a student in Ann Arbor many years ago, or just to sit in the Diag on a hot summer day. Our trips to the quiet college town always started the same way, the three of us girls crammed the back of moms Suburban. The second seat to dads driving and mom trying to stop us from ripping each other hair out. Someone yelling about how another had taken their Gameboy and the third trying to chose the best side to take from the middle seat. But lately my trips to Ann Arbor have become much different. Usually, I am the passenger in my own Jeep to my older sisters crumby driving skills. Our final destinations have changed drastically as well. Although I am still arriving in the city of maize and blue that we have made my home during the football seasons throughout my entire childhood, but it is now the place that I can call home for the next four years. As toddler, our parents took us to play in the Diag for the fist time. Although we were coming to Ann Arbor for the football game starting later that afternoon, or a dinner reservation across town the Diag seemed the be the place that started most of our Michigan adventures. We were the little girls playing tag in the small patches of grass before the sun would go down, or the children screaming as they tried not to tough the M in the center of all the commotion. Arriving in Ann Arbor several years later a lot has changed. As I make my way through this enormous school I think about how I never would have expected to call this magical place my home. Walking on the cracked sidewalk covered in snow I realize how much has changed from when I was a child. Was this the place that I wanted to go to my entire life? Is this cold gloomy school really going to get me where I need to go? With doubt in my mind I make my way back to the Diag. The place where I feel in love with the city of ann arbor. 1
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Trudging across central campus with my purple, frost bitten fingertips shoved so far into the corners of my long North Face winter jacket I though about why I was going to the University of Michigan. I am wearing the same exact black North Face jacket that every other student has at the University of Michigan. Is that why I decided to come to this school? Because everyone else was doing it? I had so many options. I had every intention of getting away. After high school I wanted to start over, a clean break. I wanted to be a new person and go to a school where no one knew me and I didn’t know them. But instead I did the exact opposite. I came to Michigan; the school just forty minutes away from my house with 100 other graduating classmates from my high school and all of my closed friends. As I made the what felt like never ending journey from my cozy bed to a study
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personal essay1 - \Jamie Goode T. Hetzel English 130...

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