Jamie Goode - Jamie Goode T. Hetzel English 130 January 27,...

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Jamie Goode T. Hetzel English 130 January 27, 2011 jigoode@aol.com Essay One Trudging across central campus with my once white now almost purple, frost bitten fingertips shoved so far into the corners of my long North Face winter, I though about why I was going to the University of Michigan. I am wearing the same exact black North Face jacket that every other student has at the University of Michigan. Is that why I decided to come to this school? Because everyone else was doing it? I had so many options. I had every intention of getting away after. After high school I wanted to start over, a clean break. I wanted to be a new person and go to a school where no one knew me and I didn’t know them. But instead I did the exact opposite. I came to Michigan; the school just forty minutes away from my house with one hundred other graduating classmates from my high school and all of my closed friends. As I made the what felt like never ending journey from my cozy bed to a study table in the Hatcher Graduate Library I though about what it would have been like to not have to make this terrible walk in the negative two degree weather everyday just to sit in another empty room. How different my college experience would have been like if I had chosen to go to one of the other schools I had applied to. But as I approached the great 1
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white cement steps of the Graduate Library covered with the freshly fallen morning snow I was reminded of why I put myself though all of this torture. Just turning passed the Chemistry Building, I was now closed in from the outside world, and I was protected by the strong force of Angell Hall and Undergraduate Library. The four falls of buildings and classrooms sheltered me from the chaos that continued past the entrance of the Diag. The University buildings insulate the Diag from the streets that encase it. People can walk aimlessly without having to pay attention to cars or buses. There are no concerns about traffic. It is an opportunity for children to run around without their parents having to keep them at their side for fear of them running into the
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Jamie Goode - Jamie Goode T. Hetzel English 130 January 27,...

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