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img089 - Problem 2 continued 420 3(4 points In the blank...

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Unformatted text preview: Problem 2 continued: 420 3. (4 points) In the blank, nam one metal that could be used to prevent corrosion of chromium. #— For 4 and 5 below, circle the letter of the best answer: 4. (3 points) Which of the following materials Is NOTjguitable sacrificial anode for the cathodic protection of copper? C (A)N (B) CO (C) Au (D) Pb (E) Sn . . I J . (3 pomts) WhIch statement Is FALSE? filn an electrolytic cell, the cathode is negative. (lg) In a voltaic cell, the anode is positive. Mn an electrolytic cell, the electrons come from an external power supply. \(DLln an electrolytic cell, reduction takes place at the cathode. \(E) In an electrolytic cell, AG > 0 kJ. positive and negative Pt surfaces in the cell. 6. (10 points, 1 point/blank) Consider the electrolysis of the yowmg Predict the products at the (- )electrode\ C 0 X P L" (+) electrode “1/6 3 .‘5 ..\ (A) AlBr3(aq) {CMV :Né‘all» (B) LiN03(aQ) ’ (xii ox (C) CaSO4(aq) (D) SrF2(l) mixed with ZnC|2(I) (E) mam ...
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