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Unformatted text preview: 77777 77777 PHYSICS DEPARTMENT PHY 2054 Exam 1 — 88: F Ch 15-114 07 Febmary 2006 mes. P. Avery, RE. Dunnam Name (print): Signature: On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this examination. YOUR TEST NUMBER IS THE 5-DIGIT NUNIBER. AT THE TOP OF EACH PAGE. DIRECTIONS (1) Bubble in your test number on your Scan'llron sheet (use 76—80 for the Migit number). Print and bubble in your last name, first and middle initial on your Scan’lron sheet. Similarly, print and bubble in your 8 digit UFID on your Scsn'n-on sheet. 2 PRINT and SIGN your full name at the top of the question sheet. 3 At the end of the exam, turn in separately the question sheet and ScanTron sheet. 4 If there is 1:10 answer close enough to be correct, the correct answer is to leave the question blank. You should not expect of t ese. many (5) Blacken the circle of your intended answer completely, using a number 2 pencil. Do not make any stray marks or the answer sheet may not read properly. (6) Good ludr! >>>>>>>>BEFORE YOU FINISH <<<<<<<< Make sure that your name is printed and signed on top. Hand in the Scan'llon sheet separately. Useful (1’) Constants: W ewe-85mm ,(Nm, proton mass = 1.67 x 10' kg electron mass = 9.1 x 10" kg 1. At what distance in in from a_0.9 Coulomb point charge is the magnitude of the electric field produced by the charge equal to 900 N/C? * w €93,000 (2) 9,000 (3) 9,000,000 (4) 30 (5) 300 2. Al-grampatticlewithachsrgeoflmifliCstaflsfiomrestinaWomem How far (in m) does the particle travel in 2 seconds? (1) 10 fl (3) 30 (4) 40 (5) 5 3. Two identical point charges +Q are located on the y—-axis at y = :ta as shown. What is the We of the electric field on the x—axis at the point a: z a . @Jle/a” (2) 1.41kc2/a2 (3) 2kQ/a2 (4) ’kQ/a’ (5) 0.5kQ/02 4. For the above charge configuration, what is the direction of the net electric field at a: = a? @m (2) —2 (3) +y (4) ~y (5) 45 degrees to :r—axis ...
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