RelativeResourceManager- MIS 440 Taxi Magic Assignment- Jesse Bockstedt

RelativeResourceManager- MIS 440 Taxi Magic Assignment- Jesse Bockstedt

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Unformatted text preview: MIS 440 – Spring 2010 Taxi Magic Viral Video Assignment 10% of Course Grade Video Due: Before the Start of Class March 18 th , 2010 Report Due: In Class April 22 nd , 2010 Video Creation : In groups of 2-3 students, you will create a video to be entered in the Taxi Magic “Magic Moment” viral video contest. There are many options available for creating your video and you are welcome to use any technologies to which you have access, such as iPhones or other mobile phone video capture, webcams and laptop cams, digital cameras with a movie record feature, video cameras (digital or standard), online animation tools (such as,, Second Life), and screen capture software (such as CamStudio). Additionally, as Mason students you have access to STAR (Student Technology Assistance Resource Center) located at 229 Johnson Center. STAR provides video cameras for student use, video editing equipment and software, and mentors to help you learn to use any equipment or software necessary for...
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