MIS330-SAD-Fall2009Syllabus0- Jesse Bockstedt

MIS330-SAD-Fall2009Syllabus0- Jesse Bockstedt - MIS 330...

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MIS 330, Systems Analysis and Design, 3 Credits 1. General Course Information Location: Innovation Hall Room 206 Time: Wednesdays 7:20 – 10:00 PM (starting September 2 nd ) Course Homepage: Blackboard CE6 (see Course Materials section below) Prerequisites: 'C' or higher in MIS 301 and MIS 310. 2. Instructor Information Professor: Jesse Bockstedt Email: [email protected] Office: 150 Enterprise Hall Office Phone: (703) 993-1788 Office Hours: Wednesdays 4:00-5:00 PM, or by appointment 3. Course Objectives Information systems are ubiquitous. Today’s organizations and the global economy depend on information systems in all aspects of operation. Properly designed and implemented systems can provide firms with streamlined business processes and a competitive advantage, and poorly conceived systems can result in severe operational failures. Understanding systems analysis and design methods is a necessary skill for contemporary business analysts, managers, software engineers, and system users. MIS 330, Systems Analysis and Design, provides students with the foundations for effectively using modern systems analysis and design tools and methodologies for developing modern software and applications. The topics covered in MIS 330 include: Systems planning and feasibility analysis Project management Use case analysis and system requirements Data modeling and process modeling Object-oriented analysis using UML 2.0 Application architecture and database design Prototyping and user interface design Systems implementation and maintenance. MIS 330 uses a combination of learning approaches to provide students with a comprehensive view of the course material. The course will incorporate in-class discussions, lectures, demonstrations and hands-on use of methods, and a practical systems analysis and design project. 4. Course Materials Blackboard CE6: This course will use the Blackboard Learning System CE6 to deliver course materials such as lecture notes, announcements, online discussions, and assignments. You can access the course’s Blackboard site by going to courses.gmu.edu
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and logging in with your GMU account. From your main Blackboard page, follow the link to the MIS 330 course to access the course site. For help or support using the Blackboard system you can go to irc.gmu.edu/ce6transition , contact [email protected] , or call ITU Support at (703) 993 -8870. Required Text Book:
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MIS330-SAD-Fall2009Syllabus0- Jesse Bockstedt - MIS 330...

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