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som 498- Yan Ling

som 498- Yan Ling - SOM 498 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Semester...

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SOM 498: S TRATEGIC M ANAGEMENT Semester: Spring 2010 Professor: Dr. Yan Ling 222 Enterprise Hall; (703) 993-1821; [email protected] Course: TR 9:00-10:15am (section 03) TR 1:30-2:45pm (section 04) TR 3:00-4:15pm (section 05) Location: Robinson Hall A247 (section 03) Robinson Hall A123 (section 04) Innovation Hall 208 (section 05) Office Hours: TR 10:30-11:45am and anytime by appointment Instructional Material: (a) Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage, by J. Barney and W. Hesterly (b) Cases available at: http://cb.hbsp.harvard.edu/cb/access/5104693 Course Website Address: Courses.gmu.edu Course Description: This course is an advanced examination of strategic management, competitive advantage, and business models. Students examine organizations from a cross-functional perspective, using all the core business functions covered in the SOM curriculum. Prerequisites: Students must have completed general education requirements and all core courses (i.e., SOM 301, ACCT 301, DESC 301, MGMT 301, FNAN 301, and MKTG 301) Learning Objectives This class integrates the specific core concepts you learned up to this point in the GMU and School of Management Curriculum. You will examine firms and industries from an historical and current economic perspective. Your analysis, both written and oral, will include the principles of finance, accounting, management, and marketing, with an emphasis on information technology as both the 'glue' that links the functional specialties together and as a driving force behind emerging business models. Understanding how the various functional areas fit together and determine the performance of the firm is the essence of this capstone
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course. You will also learn more traditional strategy concepts including: the strategy process, the role of top management, industry analysis, firm resource analysis, strategy formulation, including corporate and business level strategies, strategy implementation, innovation and growth. Additionally, this course will refine your strategic thinking skills now, before you graduate. You will master and apply strategic management frameworks to current events and your final project. In addition to the course content, the class will help you further develop important skills: research skills, analysis, creative thinking, critical thinking, problem solving, and team building. Approach to Learning This course is designed to be centered on active learning -- discussion and application -- rather than the traditional lecture-regurgitation format. Research strongly suggests, and our teaching experiences corroborate, that active learning is more effective and more interesting than traditional lecture-based teaching methods. Successful active learning requires a major investment from both students and faculty. You will need to study
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som 498- Yan Ling - SOM 498 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Semester...

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