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Heritability- the portion of the total variation or phenotypic differences among animals that is due to heredity Qualitative traits- determine phenotypic char. Such as coat color… Quantitative traits- controlled by many genes, each having small effect, numerically measured such as birth weight Weaning weight- unshrunk, off cow weight adjusted to 205-d of age and to mature dam age equiv Yearling weights- unshrunk weight adjusted to 365-d of age Average daily gain Scrotal circumference – diameter of bulls testicles, reflects fertility and age at which
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Unformatted text preview: daughters may reach sex maturity Gestation length- Expected progeny differences- difference in performance to be expected from future progeny of sire or dam… Reliability of an EPD is measured by its accuracy that is in a range in 0-1 Birth weight is best indicator for estimationg calving difficuluty Calving ease- indicatior of dystocia Maternal milk- evaluates genetic merit Lower birth weight is better as a general rule Combined maternal Gestation...
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