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oxygen assessment for lecture - , HR, RR, mm pale M onitor...

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Etiology Physiology Assessment Similarities Nursing Management Upper/lower airway obstruction (mm=mucous membranes) Anemia / Carbon monoxide posioning Atelectasis, COPD Blood Loss and Dehydration BP Right / Left sided heart failure BP BP, HR or ↑ ↓ Temp. ? Temp. metabolic acidosis 0 S AFETY - System Specific Physiology Affecting Oxygenation Assessments Differences O 2 SaO 2 , HR, RR, mm pale B reath sounds, HR, RR monitor R eposition - semi-Fowler's O 2 SaO 2 , HR, RR, mm pale E ncourage incentive spirometry A irway T urn, cough, deep breathe H igh-Fowler's position E valuate SaO 2 Resp = O 2 SaO 2 , HR, RR, mm pale RR Trauma, CNS alterations, Chronic hypoxemia Chest wall movement decrease = Resp = O 2 SaO 2 , HR, RR, mm pale RR Refer to " BREATHE " Hypovolemia = BP, cardiac output, O 2 SaO 2 , HR, RR, mm pale P rovide fluids / blood products U must cluster activities Altered cardiac output BP, O 2 SaO 2
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Unformatted text preview: , HR, RR, mm pale M onitor weight and medications P rovide O 2 S trict I & O Dysrhythmias (bradycardia; atrial fibrillation) Altered cardiac functioning - BP, O 2 , cardiac output SaO 2 , HR or HR, RR, mm pale P acemaker if necessary A ctivities clustered C are depends on cause of condition E valuate medications Pregnancy, Fever, Wound Healing Exercise metabolic rate = HR, RR = potential risk for O 2 SaO 2 , HR, RR, mm pale S emi-Fowler's - Fowler's, slow breaths L ook for temperature O bjective is to identify cause for RR Anxiety, Salicylate poisoning, Compensation for hyperventilatione = HR, RR = potential risk for O 2 SaO 2 , HR, RR, mm pale W atch for agitation and restlessness E ncourage Incentive spirometry R ebreathing mask / paper bag; rest...
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