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French Canadian Heritage

French Canadian Heritage - People of French Canadian...

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People of French Canadian Heritage Overview Quebec The "Quiet Revolution" * Period of dramatic social and political change * Decline of Anglo Supremacy & Roman Catholic Church * Nationalization of Hydro-electric companies * Pro-Sovereignty movement The "Quiet Revolution" * Terrorism – 1963 thru 1970 * October Crisis * Charter of the French Language – Bill 101 The "Quiet Revolution" * Lévesque and the Parti Québécois * Distancing Quebec from rest of Canada * 1980 Quebec referendum * Kitchen Accord * New Constitution Heritage * Metis * Acadians * Francophones Education and Occupations * 50% of Francophones don’t finish HS * Traditional Occupations * Well represent in all trades and professions. Dominant Language and Dialects * 2 Official Languages - 1969 * Regional difference * Joual * Francophones declining outside Quebec and increasingly fragmented. Language and Health in Francophones * Health status poorer * ~50% little or no access to health services in French * Cultural Heritage remains even after language use declines. Cultural Communication Patterns * High Voice Crescendos anger or violence * Volume = Importance and Emotion
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* Encourage sharing thoughts and feelings * Acadians more reserved * Spatial distance less; more touching * Shaking Hands recommended for Health Professionals Temporal Relationships * Slow to build * Very important and enduring * Commitment and responsibility expected * Quebec Francophones balance past, present and future orientations. * Rural Francophones present oriented, accepting and fatalistic. Format for Names * Until late 1970’s wives took husband’s and children took father’s surnames. * In Quebec, women keep maiden name * In other Provinces, any combination of names may be used for wife and children. Gender Roles * Traditionally, men were moral authority, bread-winner, purveyor of affection and security.
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French Canadian Heritage - People of French Canadian...

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