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Jennifer Gutman EDHD320 November 9, 2009 Article: “Behind the Wimpy Kid Phenomenon” by Tara Parker-Pope October 12, 2009 The New York Times Magazine I. About Article a. The popular book series “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by author Jeff Kinney is releasing its fourth book i. The book has had three books in its series already and is now coming out with a fourth on Monday entitled “Dog Days” ii. Released on Monday (less than a week ago to October 12 th ) it is already the best-selling book on Amazon.com ahead of the likes of Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code, and Glenn Beck, an early-evening Fox News host. b. About the books i. The books chronicles the life of protagonist, Greg Heffley, a crude and clueless boy trying to navigate adolescence at middle school ii. Shows the struggles, moral dilemmas, and insecurities accompanied with adolescence in home life as well as school iii. First person narrative of protagonist Greg, the wimpy kid, gives a slightly alternative approach to teaching adolescents lessons on how to conduct themselves 1. “Its plot revolves around the slapstick, laziness and ethical lapses that have engaged millions of 8 to 12 year-old readers and left parents scratching their heads.” Parker- Pope 2. Rather than offering moral lessons, he takes a more humorous approach – Greg Heffley rarely makes the right decision and usually thinks with selfishness, laziness, and stupidity rather than correct moral reasoning and wisdom and the reader is supposed to pick up on this a. “You’re expecting at any moment that an adult is going to set things straight, but none ever does.” 3. “If there is a lesson in the book, it’s to do the opposite of
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edhd320outline - Jennifer Gutman EDHD320 November 9 2009...

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