COMM 482 CHAP 13

COMM 482 CHAP 13 - Degree of salience of noticeable ethnic...

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Chapter 13: Adapting to New cultures 14/05/2009 12:48:00 Cross-Cultural Adaptation: The Process Socialization- conditioning and programming in the basic processes of  communication, like decoding; its embedded in the process of enculturation Resocialization is doing this in a new culture when you’ve already been  enculturated in another, this process is related to acculturation Deculturation- unlearning of old cultural habits The Role of Predisposition and Environment Predisposition Degree of ethnic proximity- overall similarity, compatibility between your own  ethnicity and that of the host
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Unformatted text preview: Degree of salience of noticeable ethnic markers including distinct speech patterns, physical appearances- anything that adds to the overall foreignness of the strangers Kim- Personal attributes Openness, flexibility Strength- internal locus of control, low uncertainty avoidance Positivity The older someone is the more the rigid they are and steadfast in their own culture Environment Receptivity of others Conformity pressure Adaptation and Psychological Health 14/05/2009 12:48:00 14/05/2009 12:48:00...
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COMM 482 CHAP 13 - Degree of salience of noticeable ethnic...

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