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22 - Weakens defense Rhetorical obstacles Audience...

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10/22 redeeming Clinton presidential ethos and moral failure in president Clintons apologies august 17 th and september 11 th 1998 positive new covenant president connected to the people political/moral vision economic opportunity personal responsibility national community committed to the fmily committed to the poor committed to ethnic equality negative untrustworthy word supports social programs welfare healthcare affirmative action gay rights military opposes free market taxes NAFTA
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Unformatted text preview: Weakens defense Rhetorical obstacles Audience- politically conservative, socially conservatice religious observation Subject- cultural history (e.g. welfare, universal healthcare) Ethos- ;acking moral character, compass Rhetorical strategy to overcome obstacle Built alliance with audience around subject and with him Employs civil religion to build civil religious cooperation Persona- lacked arrogance, used more humility...
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