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Article Huang - Spencer Karren Article Huang Searching for...

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Spencer Karren Article: Huang Searching for Experience on the Web Review In the article “Searching for experience on the Web: An Empirical Examination of Consumer Behavior for Search and Experience Goods” it examines how the internet is a valuable choice for consumer to gain information before making a purchases. They argue that though the Internet serves as an important information source for both experience and search goods, the type of information that consumers seek, and therefore the way they search and make choices, is different for the two types of goods: searched goods and experienced goods. In the article they observe the affect and difference of the two goods on the basses of amount of time spent per page of information, the number of pages searched, the likelihood of free, and the relative importance of interactive The article argues that the Internet blurs distinctions between experience and search goods by
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  • Spring '11
  • ChristySucci
  • World Wide Web, Experience Goods, important information source, Internet blurs distinctions, search goods

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