Journal 2 m - Spencer Ka rren MGMT 410 Journal 2 1 How...

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Spencer Karren MGMT 410 Journal # 2 1. How Canada’s Prime Minster accepted responsibility and apologized to Chinese immigrates . In Ottawa, Canada of June 22, 2010 Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper offered on a long-awaited formal apology to the Chinese community for the racist head tax levied more than 120 years ago. "On behalf of the people and government of Canada, we offer a full apology to Chinese- Canadians for the head tax and express our deepest sorrow for the subsequent exclusion of Chinese immigrants," Harper said at the House of Commons with a few aged survivors of the head-tax era looking on from the gallery. The head tax, ranging from 50 Canadian dollars to 500, was assessed on Chinese immigrants from 1885 until 1923 when immigration from China was banned entirely. Canada opened its doors again to Chinese immigrants in 1947. Harper said his government will offer symbolic payments to living head tax payers and living spouses of deceased payers to give substantive meaning to the apology. The government will also fund community projects, he said, without specifying on the amount of the money. Stephen Harper wanted to make clear that the contributions made by Chinese
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Journal 2 m - Spencer Ka rren MGMT 410 Journal 2 1 How...

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