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Journal 3 - Spencer Kar ren Journal 3 Nonprofit...

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Spencer Karren Journal # 3 Nonprofit Organization: Idaho Meth Project Interviewee: Gina Heideman Position: Co Director Why Idaho Meth Project When I graduate from BSU I am interested in being involved in a non-profit located in Boise. This is why I choose to interview Gina Heideman the Co Director of the Idaho Meth Project. I had the chance to sit down with her and have a conversation about her job and the organization. What is the Idaho Meth Project The Idaho Meth Project is a powerful private-sector response to a devastating social problem. The program was recognized by the White House as one of the nation’s most effective prevention programs ( www.Idahomethproject.com ). When interviewing Gina she highly expressed the importance of following through with the mission statement. Gina explained, “Regular firms are in business for profit we are in business because people have donated to the mission statement.” The goal of the Idaho Meth Project is to significantly reduce the prevalence of first-time methamphetamine use in Idaho. To achieve this goal, we have established a program that is active in three areas: Public Service Messaging Public Policy Community Action ( www.Idahomethproject.com )
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Similarities Gina I had very similar answers to the question below. One question I want to highlight is number 3. “Why is this job important to the organization?” because after interviewing and
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