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2- Choose a leader of your choice and describe in detail how this person exemplifies Transactional Leadership, how they and use this type of leadership style. “Transactional leaders exchange things of value with subordinates to advance their own and their own and their subordinates’ agendas (Northhouse,2010).” “Yamauchi led Nintendo in a notoriously imperialistic style (History of Nintendo on” Hiroshi would only accept the position of being the 3 rd CEO of Nintendo if he were the only family member. Reluctantly, Hiroshi's grandfather agreed, and died shortly after. Under the agreement, his older cousin had to be fired. (Hiroshi Yamauchi on “Due to his young age and total lack of any management experience, most employees did not take Hiroshi seriously and many resented him (Hiroshi Yamauchi on” Soon after taking over, he had to deal with a strike by factory employees who expected him to cave in easily. Instead, he asserted his authority by firing many long-time employees who questioned his
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