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Current Event Germany Power - Spencer Karren Week 3 In a...

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Spencer Karren Week # 3 In a recent article in explains Germany’s power grid of the future. Gigantic wind farms in the sea and enormous solar fields in the desert are to generate the bulk of Germany’s power in the years to come. The article states, “Consumers and companies are also producing energy with mini-power plants in their own basements and solar panels on the roof. And intelligent appliances are saving energy in our homes: washers, dryers and refrigerators that communicate with each other wash, dry or cool when electricity is cheapest. The information age is arriving at a new level: It's becoming the electricity age.” According to an article it states that German economy ranks 4 th in terms of nominal GDP and 5 th in terms of purchasing power. Germany is the world’s second largest trader both in terms of imports and exports. Germany is also the hub of global scientific and technological developments. I think it is great that Germany is taking a big step with the help of Government and local firms to promote their economy with green jobs that will benefit the country in the long run. Can green jobs spur an economic recovery in the U.S.? In my opinion there's no doubt
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Current Event Germany Power - Spencer Karren Week 3 In a...

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