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1. How does the comment below relate to the concept of ideology? For the reasons stated above, I would love nothing more than to really understand why this [BEGINNING A SENTENCE WITH “BUT” OR “AND”] is considered a grammatical error. It really has only plagued me throughout my high school career and further into college for reasons I simply can’t seem to understand. 2. Consider the implicit claim in Robert Taylor’s proscription of the split infinitive (p. 6 of Escudero). First, write the implicit claim as an explicit enthymeme. Then, figure out what the premise is. Then, ask yourself how such premise could itself be transformed
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Unformatted text preview: into an enthymeme and supported. Then, discuss the resulting enthymemes in terms of ideology. 3. How does the comment below relate to Curzan’s point that “students can be empowered to make grammatical as well as rhetorical choices” and “we need citizens who understand that it is not fair to judge someone as inferior because they… break a prescriptive usage rule”? Many stores and cards purposefully use incorrect grammar on cards to create an informal and friendly atmosphere. Many people do know the grammar points that she mentions, but purposefully choose to ignore them to make a more informal atmosphere....
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