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Major Project One Text-Focused Genre Analysis This project gives you the opportunity to explore variation in genres across disciplines. The purpose of the study is to enhance your genre analysis skills and give you a feel for a genre that you expect to be writing in the coming years of your undergraduate studies. For this assignment, students are expected to work in pairs or small groups (up to four people) according to their disciplinary interests, i.e. which major(s) you are considering pursuing. However, individual projects are allowed if you can’t find anyone who shares your interests. After you have found like-minded partners (or failed to do so), you are expected to do the following: 1. Select one genre and two disciplines you’re interested in from those represented in MICUSP. 2. Download five samples of the genre for each of the two (or more) disciplines you are interested in; be aware that you can exceed my expectations by analyzing more samples. 3. Work together to design a common framework of the moves you find in the genre;
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Unformatted text preview: this will involve coming up with names for your moves; be aware that there can be obligatory and optional moves. 4. Analyze the papers in your sample separately, then compare your results to see how much agreement/disagreement you have. 5. If you have too much disagreement, go through steps 3 and 4 again. 6. Identify and count hedges, expressions of subjectivity, concessions, counters, denials, directives, and questions. Compare figures across disciplines and decide how the genres are similar or different in their degree of writer-reader interaction. 7. Prepare a presentation of your findings. 8. Present your work on February 16 and 21. 9. Write an individual report of your findings. 10. Write a reflection on what you learned from this collaborative piece. First drafts of this project are due for peer review on Wednesday, Feb 23. Final drafts are to be posted to CTools no later than 4 pm on Friday, February 25....
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