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English 125.17 – Escudero Writing an introduction using CARS (Carving a Research Space) Move: a section of discourse (phrase, sentence, group of sentences, paragraph) accomplishing a communicative purpose within a genre. Move One: Establish the background by Stating the general topic and its relevance. Describing what is generally known about the topic; here you can summarize what others have said about it. Move Two: Prepare for your opinion / contribution by Indicating a gap or raising a question, i.e. things that haven’t been said about
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Unformatted text preview: the topic, or Supporting a tradition, i.e. showing agreement with a position about the topic, or Making a counter-claim, i.e. expressing disagreement with some of the points in the previous move, or Move Three: Introduce your opinion / contribution by Taking a position by Closing the gap or Making a contribution or Answering questions or Meeting a need Adapted from Swales, John. Genre Analysis , Cambridge University Press 1990....
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