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FEBRUARY 9, 2011 ENGLISH NOTES CONCESSIVE STATEMENT – when you acknowledge that there is some validity or truthfulness to the opposing argument Represents readers’ opinions COUNTER STATEMENT – when you oppose the concessive statement; rebuttal Represents the author’s opinion HEDGED STATEMENT – statement where the hedge word is; it is asserted as a possibility, not asserted as the truth Hedge – word that indicates probability or leaves room for disagreement (i.e. might)
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Unformatted text preview: May hedge for different reasons: to be polite or because of uncertainty MODAL VERB verbs that express possibility or doubt (i.e. might, could, may) It is a kind of hedge Probability, possibly, maybe = adverbs qualify action going on SELF MENTIONED HEDGES to me, from my perspective, I think, in my opinion, to my mind, etc. Presents a statement not as a fact but as an opinion **THESE HAVE DIFFERENT EFFECTS, HELP CONSTRUCT PERSONA....
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