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Nicole Maistrow English 125.059 Escuedro Defining Writing 1. Even though I can clearly identify writing and see it all around me everyday, in textbooks, newspapers, advertisements, and more, it is still extremely difficult for me to define clearly. To me, writing is a way for one to express their thoughts and ideas in a clear and organized manner. Some may argue that writing and speaking are similar because they are forms of communication, but to me, writing and speaking differ in many ways. Writing frequently contains a type of structure, while speaking typically does not. In writing pieces, the writing is usually broken up into paragraphs, verses, chapters, etc, to organize the writing and group similar topics together. However, speaking isn’t usually prepared beforehand, and is therefore in the form of a dialogue, which has no formal arrangement. Additionally, writing tends to be grammatically more formal, while it is more accepted to use abbreviations and grammatical mistakes in sentence structure when speaking. 2. One time, I was writing a paper on hospital computerization and its uses. I did not know much about the topic beforehand and had to write a paper about it based on what I learned after reading an article on the topic. Even after reading the article multiple times, I was unsure about what it was explaining, but I decided to start writing anyway. Once I got deeper into the paper, I began to realize exactly what I wanted to write and finally understood what the article was trying to say. Before that, I never thought that writing would actually help me understand
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English125 Assignment 1 - Nicole Maistrow English 125.059...

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