ECE - P roblem 1 1) 11 people were interviewed in this...

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Problem 1 1) 11 people were interviewed in this video. 2) Fields of research and applications/jobs of electrical engineers in the following areas: Automotive – While most people automatically associate the automotive industry with mechanical engineers, there are many applications for electrical engineers in this field. Electrical engineers design the electronic systems in automobiles, such as fuel injection, ignition systems, and climate control. They have a key role in the developmental process, design, and production and control of automobiles and certain parts of automobiles, and are also involved in drawing diagrams of systems and instructing technicians how to assemble boards. Electrical engineers in this area take clients on tours of the facility, propose ideas to clients and manage projects. Integrated Circuits – In the field of integrated circuits, electrical engineers work closely with people that have different formal training as them, such as physicists, chemists, chemical engineers, and material scientists. Electrical engineers in the field of integrated circuits are constantly trying to push things to move faster and doing research to learn what’s new in the field to be updated. In this job, electrical engineers go to different conferences and talks in many different fields so that they can continuously learn more about different areas of study that are related to integrated circuits. Aerospace – Electrical engineers in the aerospace field design electronics to save both money and time. They determine what functions go where, what the electronics need to do, what the electronics should do in certain missions and how to make sure requirements of the programs are fulfilled. The job requires the electrical engineers to go to meetings and
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ECE - P roblem 1 1) 11 people were interviewed in this...

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