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STUDY GUIDE EXAM 1 spring 09


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STUDY GUIDE EXAM #1 SPRING 09 Chapter 1: major themes (6), usually one question, often on cell theory (two parts) or on theme #6 about unity (what features are common to all living things) and diversity (why so many different kinds of living things) Chapter 2. Chemistry **Know about atomic number and atomic mass – what it means and how it is symbolized; given this info be able to determine # of protons, # neutrons, #electrons **Knowing the #electrons should enable you to know the **VALENCE** (number of electrons in outermost shell=number of covalent bonds the element must form to be stable) **Valence is an important concept and there will be a least a couple of questions that require that you understand this concept – because the chemical behavior of atoms depends on the number of bonds it needs to form; you should also know the valence of the 4 major elements in living things (H, O, N, C) **Chemical bonds: STRONG BONDS (covalent and ionic – what is the difference?) What is a covalent bond?
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