Avian Orders at Riverbanks

Avian Orders at Riverbanks - yes sunbittern seriema crane...

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Avian Orders represented at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden All Avian Orders At Riverbanks Species examples Struthioniformes yes ostrich Rheiformes Casuariiformes Apterygiformes Tinamiformes Sphenisciformes yes penguin species Gaviiformes Podicipediformes Procellariiformes Pelicaniformes Ciconiiformes yes heron, flamingo Anseriformes yes goose Falconiformes yes Harris hawk Galliformes Gruiformes
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Unformatted text preview: yes sunbittern, seriema, crane Charadriiformes yes plover Columbiformes yes fruit dove and pigeon species Psittaciformes yes several species Cuculiformes Strigiformes yes spectacled and Eurasian eagle owls Caprimulgiformes Apodiformes Coliiformes Trogoniformes Coraciiformes yes motmot, bee-eater, hornbill species Piciformes yes toucan species Passeriformes yes several species...
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