Lecture 1 Fundamental Skills

Lecture 1 Fundamental Skills - To be an athlete or acrobat...

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Lecture 1 Fundamental Skills To be an actor Your own identity and self knowledge-awareness and attention Curiosity –being a detective. empathy with others-observation and personalization Imagination—the ability to respond to imaginary circumstances believably Ability to “read” others Spontaneity and open response to others Ability to say “Here I am, Look at me” Concentration Precision and physical control-relaxation Vocal strength, size, precision and control
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Unformatted text preview: To be an athlete or acrobat of the heart-emotional awareness Linguistic/language facility Knowledge of history. Art, psychology Memorization Listening Overcoming stage fright/nervousness Positive attitude Life Skills you will gain Increase empathy Public confidence Creativity-invention, exploration, experimentation, imagination Self-knowledge Inter-personal skills How to collaborate and work as a team Better listening...
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