Lecture 2 Stanislavski’s approach

Lecture 2 Stanislavski’s approach -...

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Constantin Stanislavski’s approach 1888 at the age of 25 he established the Society of Art and literature in 1897 the Moscow Art Theatre provided him an opportunity to work as a professional. 1897 joined with Nemirovich- Danchenko to “reconstruct theatre’s whole life…to change, at the root the whole order of rehearsals and the preparation of plays.” Stanislavski began his career as a professional director and actor. The artistic work of their company-the Moscow Art Theatre brought the ideas of realism -experiencing life on stage-to Russia and new standards of acting to the world. 1912 established the First Studio to develop his System 1923-24 Moscow Art Theatre toured USA Notes for Stanislaski The System is based on his belief that mind and body represent a psychophysical continuum. He said” In every physical action there is something psychological and in the psychological something physical. He believed that performance demands a supreme state of dynamic physical relaxation. He looked to yoga and other Eastern practises to develop exercises for achieving that active state of relaxation and focus. Stanislavskian actors remain essentially dynamic and improvisatory during performance. They are practicing a kind of acting he called experiencing.- existing fully within the immediate moment rather than representing a character through carefully crafted intonations and gestures. His actor develops a sense of self by learning to control the skills of
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Lecture 2 Stanislavski’s approach -...

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