301 Guide for Studying Final Exam

301 Guide for Studying Final Exam - o Challenges for the...

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301 Guide for Studying Final Exam Information will not come from any of the “Family LifeThen” and “Family Life Now” sections Uncoupling You won’t need to know information related to the legal process of divorce, but know about divorce  mediation Know Duck’s model of Relationship Decline and contrast it with the stages of Uncoupling Factors related to divorce Know the research studies related to the impact of divorce Rebuilding family life Make sure you know the info in this chapter well, along with your notes from the ppts Information from ppts that will NOT be covered on exam include o Father – Child relationships post divorce o Fathers with Custody
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Unformatted text preview: o Challenges for the single parent o Dating after divorce o Successful stepfamily living Stages of stepfamily development Strains and stressors of stepfamilies Stepfamily Characteristics Family change Make sure you know info in this chapter well, along with your notes from the ppts Use your notes as a guideline for studying chapter material. You dont need to know: o Coping Efforts (problem focused vs. emotion regulation o Double ABC-X model o Family Adaptive tasks o Strategies for managing stress o Domestic homicide o Violence against sex partners o Info on sibling violence o Emotion focused coping Information from the video clips shown in class will NOT be on the final...
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301 Guide for Studying Final Exam - o Challenges for the...

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