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Validity Internal – Does your I.V. alone cause a change in the D.V.? Or was there some other outside variable (i.e. confounding variable) that caused your D.V. to change from one condition to another? Is there a cause and effect relationship between your I.V. and D.V.? Was there a control group or a baseline to compare against? If there is no basis for comparison you do not have internal validity. Construct – Does your D.V. actually measure what it is supposed to measure? Are you actually measuring depression when you should be measuring self-esteem? Social desirability is a good example of a construct violation. For example, on a drug survey conducted face to face are you really measuring that person’s drug using history or are you measuring their lying about their drug using history? Same with good subject tendency. You are measuring what subjects think you want and not their actual (natural)
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Unformatted text preview: behavior. External – Can you generalize the results from your experiment to other subjects, settings, situations or times. I.e. would they apply to other cultures, or religions, or ages? If your study consisted of 99% Caucasians do these results apply to African Americans or Latinos? You don’t know, it may not even matter, but you have to be careful of how you word your conclusions. In the end you may have to conduct the research again with more representative groups. Statistical – Did you use the right statistical test when analyzing data? Your knowledge on this is very limited for now. Did you have enough subjects (power)? Remember with only a few subjects it is very easy for one abnormal person to skew the data to make it look like there is an effect when in reality there is not one....
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