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Answers - HM 3 - PSYC 226 Research Methods Homework 3...

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PSYC 226 – Research Methods Homework 3 – Answers Dr. Levens 1. The potential confound here is freshly brushed teeth. This could make the orange juice taste really bad. We want to eliminate this confound all together. There are two ways we could do this. 1. We could exclude all potential subjects who have brushed their teeth within the last 30 min. We simply ask them when they last brushed. 2. We give everyone a cracker or piece of bread before starting to “cleanse the pallet”. If we go this route, everyone has to eat the cracker (constancy) not just the ones who recently brushed. 2. The potential confound here is IQ, we don’t want all of the smart people in one group, thus throwing off our results. We deal with this by randomly assigning subjects to our two groups. 3. Our potential confound here is the ambient lighting in the classroom (i.e. light levels vary in different rooms across campus) and the lecture. We take care of these through constancy .
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