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Unformatted text preview: Understanding Marriages Understanding Marriages Understanding Marriage Understanding Marriage • Marriage as a social union • Marriage as a religious act • Marriage as a legal act • Emotional component • Sexual/faithfulness component State Marriage Laws State Marriage Laws State Minimum Age may Marry with Consent State Minimum Age May Marry with Consent Alabama California Hawaii Kansas Louisiana Missouri Ohio Rhode Island Texas Washington Mississippi 14 No limits 15 M­14, F 12 18 15 M­18, F­16 M­18, F­16 14 17 No limits Arkansas Delaware Indiana Kentucky Massachusetts New Hampshire Oregon South Carolina Utah West Virginia Nebraska M­17, F­16 M­18, F­16 17 18 M­14, F­12 M­14, F­13 17 M­16, F­14 14 18 17 Defense of Marriage Act Defense of Marriage Act • Signed into law in 1996 • Allows individual states to decide whether to grant legal status to same­sex civil unions • Would allow same­sex couples the same legal privileges and rights as married heterosexual couples Marital Types Marital Types Monogamy a two­person marriage Sexually exclusive Expectation of emotional exclusivity Monogamism – belief that monogamy is the only appropriate type of marriage Polygamy ­More than one marriage partner Polygamy ­ Polygyny ­ a man has more than one wife Polyandry – a woman has more than one husband Polygyny Polygyny “Advantages “ • • • • • Availability of automatic childcare Men who have already proven themselves as mates Lack of pressure to commit adultery Availability of a female friend for life Potential of three adult incomes Cenogamy Cenogamy – – – Often referred to as group marriage Allows intercourse among all of its members Found in communal living arrangements • Polyamory – one or both spouses keep the option to sexually love others in addition to their spouses. • Swinging ­ couples exchange partners to engage in recreational sex Subcultures with Norms Subcultures with Norms Contrary to Sexual Exclusivity ...
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