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Intro.Lecture 1 outline

Intro.Lecture 1 outline - Identical twins who have been...

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Psychology 410  Surveys of Abnormal Psychology Dr. L.D. Bessellieu  True or False?      1. In some cultures, depression and schizophrenia are nonexistent 2. The American Psychiatric Association believes breaking rules at home can be a  symptom of psychological disorder True or False?       3. Research indicates that in the United States there are more prison inmates with severe  mental disorders than there are psychiatric inpatients in all the country’s hospitals 4. About 30% of psychologically disordered people are dangerous; that is, they are more  likely than other people to commit a crime     TRUE OR FALSE?   5. 
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Unformatted text preview: Identical twins who have been raised separately sometimes develop the same phobias 6. In North America, today’s young adults are three times as likely as their grandparents to report having experienced depression • TRUE OR FALSE? 7. White Americans commit suicide nearly twice as often as Black Americans 8. There is strong evidence for a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia 9. Dissociative identity disorder is a type of schizophrenia 10. About one-third of American adults have experienced a psychological disorder • Abnormal? • Abnormal? • Case #1: • Case #2:...
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