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Lecture 5 - ClassConMechs

Lecture 5 - ClassConMechs - Classical Conditioning...

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Unformatted text preview: Classical Conditioning: Mechanisms I. Beyond the basic CS­US relationship A. Stimulus generalization – how well does a stimulus similar to the CS elicit a CR? Examples? B. Second­order conditioning – a stimulus that predicts the CS comes to elicit a CR Light Food; Light = Excitement Tone Light ; Tone = Excitement Examples? II. Effective CS’s and US’s Novelty ­ CS­ and US­preexposure effects – prior exposure decreases response B. Intensity and Salience – more intense CS/US = more intense CR/UR C. Belongingness D. Biological Strength A. III. Nature of the CR A. ­ ­ Stimulus substitution – the CS­US association turns the CS into a substitute US – thus US determines CR CS activates neural circuits previously activated by the US and thus elicits responses similar to the US CS US circuits UR ­ Jenkins & Moore (1973) – Pigeons had different CR’s depending on whether US was food or water But, CR is not always same as UR! III. Cont. CS Determines Form of CR ­ Timberlake & Grant (1975) – a rat was used as a CS to predict food for another hungry rat If stimulus­substitution was always correct, what CR would it predict? A. III. Cont. A. Behavior Systems ­ Presentation of a US activates the behavior system relevant to that US ­ Female sexual behavior system (courtship, mounting, copulation) ­ Food feeding behavior system (foraging, salivation, chewing, swallowing) III. Cont. Thus, a CS will activate behaviors relevant to that system CS­US interval can affect CR CS­US Interval CR 1 min Male approached CS and stayed near it 20 min Male moved around entire cage more III. cont General Search Focal Search Consummatory Behaviors ...
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