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Lecture 8 - Reinforcement Schedules

Lecture 8 - Reinforcement Schedules - Reinforcement...

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Unformatted text preview: Reinforcement Schedules Schedules I. Simple Schedules I. A. Continuous – every response is reinforced B. Partial – greater resistance to extinction B. than continuous than 1. Ratio Schedules Fixed–ratio (easier to extinguish) Variable-ratio (harder to extinguish) Variable-ratio - overall response-rate steadier for variable, overall fixed schedules tend to induce postfixed reinforcement pause I. Cont. I. 2. Interval Schedules – time has to pass in 2. order to obtain reinforcement – Can the subject accurately judge time? subject a. Fixed-interval (easier to extinguish) a. – responding increases as the interval grows closer Example – college students and studying Example b. Variable-interval (harder to b. extinguish) – responding more steady extinguish) I. cont. I. C. Response-Rate Schedule – response C. has to occur at a specific rate to get reinforced – response within 5 seconds after previous response is reinforced after II. Choice: Concurrent Schedules Schedules Reinforcement often involves choice. A. Concurrent schedule – animal chooses Concurrent to respond to one of two keys, each with a different schedule (i.e. VI 60 sec vs. FR 10) vs. - measure how animal distributes pecks Human examples? II. cont II. Matching Law – relative rate of responding Matching on a particular response alternative equals the relative rate of reinforcement for that alternative Examples: Vollmer & Bourret (2000) – college basketball players; college - Behavior therapy II. Cont. II. A. Choice with Commitment – can’t Choice alternate back and forth between choices (i.e. go to college to earn more money in the future or take job now and earn less money now) earn 1. concurrent-chain schedule - Variety is the spice of life – pigeons prefer Variety VR schedule over FR even though on average more responses may be required per reinforcer on the VR required II. Cont. II. Self-control – preference for a largedelayed reward over a small immediate delayed reward reward - Drug addiction, ADHD or ...
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  • overall response-rate steadier, I. Simple Schedules, ii. cont, C. Response-Rate Schedule, Ratio Schedules Fixed–ratio

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