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Guide for Studying Final Exam

Guide for Studying Final Exam - Gender differences Skip...

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Psyc 430 Guide for Studying Final Exam In addition to notes, ppt slides, and review of in-class activities, consider the following concepts in terms of the theories and conclusions of research studies. Do NOT try to memorize all the terms. Think about class examples or generate your own examples for these concepts to help you understand. From Ch 10 Aggression Theories of Aggression: Frustration-aggression hypothesis and General Aggression Model Skip the role of provocation and teasing in aggression (344-345); along with heightened arousal andExcitation Transfer Theory pps 345-6 “Exposure to Media Violence” notes and text; Also Bandura’s “Bobo Doll” studies In reviewing info on culture of honor as discussed in class, also be familiar with sexual jealousy Skipthe TASS model (356), but you’ll need to know how traits, s/a Type A and Type B influence aggression hostile aggression vs instrumental aggression (also refer to class discussion/notes) hostile expectation bias Skip p 358
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Unformatted text preview: Gender differences Skip 360-363 Road Rage and Bullying Skip bottom of 365- end of chapter From Ch 11 Groups and Individuals Be sure to read “Is YouTube Just a Website, or Is It a Real Group?” Entitativity; Common-bond vs common identity groups Key components of groups Norms Self-enhancement vs self-transcendence Skip “The costs of Getting Accepted…and the Cost of Membership” bottom of p390-393 Social Facilitation and Social Loafing Deindividuation Additive tasks Group polarization and group think Skip pps 402-407 Skip Brainstorming” pps 412-413 From Ch 12 – Social Psychology: Applying it’s Principles to Law and Business Police interrogations; Line-ups; Ignore “misuse of deadly force” You can skip 423-425 (Media coverage) Eyewitness Testimony: why its often inaccurate. .through 432 As stated in class, skip the sections on Health 432-449 Read 449-end of chapter: Leadership; Transformational vs transactional leadership; Dimensions of Leader Behavior...
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